1. Chef: Our prominent connoisseurs of authentic Indian food present a diverse platter. With an ambition of experimenting on a variety of things, we expect that our chef should have the passion to prepare new cuisines.

2. Cook: At Delhi Rocks, traditional cuisines of India are crafted by our professional and trained cooks. They deliver the scrumptious delicacies on your plate. Our cook must have the knowledge about unique Indian spices to set our customer on a nostalgic ride to the Indian food.

3. Kitchen Head: Creating a culture of belongingness, an ideal Kitchen Head should be proficient in all aspects of cooking to ensure the deliciousness of the meals. Moreover, he should also be responsible to maintain positive energy in the team so that every department works in synergy.

4. Customer Service: Demonstrating impeccable service, we are known for the warmth towards our customers. We will be happy to meet someone, who treats our customers as part of the family and extend help in every manner possible.

5. Restaurant Manager: Keeping the restaurant in good shape, our Restaurant Manager will exhibit expert managerial skills to ensure that it functions smoothly.

6. HR/ ADMIN: Catering to the grievances of our beloved customers, this department provides effective resolutions. If you are good at finding solutions and proficient in managing human resource, give us a call.

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